Bailey’s Dog 2:1 CBD-CBG Oil

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Has your dog been using CBD for awhile, and have you found that they require more than the average pup? Or perhaps your dog is getting older, or has a debilitating or terminally ill condition?

Well Bailey’s +Extra Strength tincture provides 1800MG of plant-based cannabinoids in a 2:1 CBD to CBG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil profile, which may be the ideal product for your pup in need!

By retaining a whole-plant profile, our 2:1 CBD to CBG formulation contains a wide array of hemp-based cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids allowing for the “Entourage Effect” to occur, in which all of the naturally occurring whole-plant properties work in synergy with each other to provide optimal therapeutic value.

CBD & CBG are both non-intoxicating, and work together as naturally occurring hemp-based adaptogens, promoting “homeostasis” or balance, at a systemic level. This provides the perfect environment for our pets to live healthy, age gracefully & feel more complete.

Bailey’s Dog 2:1 CBD-CBG Oil

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