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If you ask owners Paul Gelvezon and Vlad Zatulovsky how High Street CBD carved its way as one of Columbus, Ohio’s premier CBD destinations, they’d credit a call with the Ohio Green Team in June of 2019.

After talking to OGT, a large provider of medical marijuana cards, Vlad came to a fruitful conclusion: Columbus lacked an impactful CBD presence. A place where people are looking for natural solutions and holistic education could converge.

On March 3rd, 2020, Paul and Vlad opened High Street CBD as that solution. Since then, the people of Columbus helped grow Paul and Vlad’s dream into a pillar for the CBD community.

High Street CBD is a place the people of Columbus can call their second home. We’re casual, knowledgeable, and our doors are open to anyone. Inside our store, you’ll find high-quality CBD products, friendly faces, and a lounge chair or two you can hang out on. People that visit our store can grab a CBD book or magazine and sit down at our back table and educate themselves.

High Street Store Front Image

The Location

Right after that call, we decided we were going to go for it. We had both been using CBD a few years prior, so we already knew the awesome benefits this magical plant offered. Doing something you are truly passionate about is the key to success.

We decided we would curate quality and unique hemp-based products and that our retail location needed to be in the perfect spot. That perfect spot ended up being in the Short North Arts District. Italian Village, to be exact.


The Mission

High Street CBD prides itself on expanding consumer knowledge in CBD products. In other words, we’re here to help you along your journey to a better, more whole you. We hope that our CBD products can help you find balance and vitality as they have for us. But that only starts when CBD education endures as the core capacity.

We sell you the products you not only want but need. We work with you as a team to increase understanding, knowledge, and empathy.

You find our mission at the heart of everything High Street CBD does.

The Name

Vlad had joined a private Facebook group called CBD Business for Success and virtually met one of the Founders, Matt Sibert. While on a trip to San Diego, Paul arranged a meeting with Matt. He’s a super nice guy.

Very knowledgeable about the CBD/THC space is well-connected, and this meeting couldn’t have been more perfect. I struggled to find the perfect name for the store, as I wanted it to be perfect.

Paul had to tell Matt the store was on High Street in an area that connected The Ohio State University to Downtown Columbus. Matt said, “call it High Street CBD,” and the name was born.

The Store

High Street CBD not only sells CBD consumer goods but also educates consumers on how to use them. Our store isn’t in your face, and it’s built so you can browse through your own personal journey, always understanding that our support is just around the corner.

Our use of open-concept design and colorful custom artwork serves as a testament to our mission. Our store is a second home for consumers seeking life-changes and knowledge expansion.

When you walk into High Street CBD, our priority remains your learning process. Don’t buy anything at first if you don’t feel up to it. Come in, say Hi, and always know we’re here for your CBD needs.

As one of Columbus’ most exciting new CBD stores, we value your time and appreciate your motivation to expand your knowledge base.

The Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and that’s never more true than in an emerging CBD market. CBD is a new and evolving experience for the public. At times, wild marketing claims dilute CBD’s authentic, impactful value.

With knowledge, we find products that energize us with focus and balance. The serenity we desire is somewhere on High Street CBD’s shelves. We’re happy to help guide you to the place you’re looking for through education and a non-sales approach.

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